I launched this start-up as a #Mompreneur
after my fascination began with essential oils
and in search of a healing for eczema/sensitive skin
I’d suffered from since childhood.
Nothing purchased or dermotologist-ordered
worked even through adulthood.
During Fall 2015, I researched the benefits of organic ingredients combined with essential oils
and decided to make my own
skincare toner with evening oil. They both worked clearing my skin within the week!
I shared my toner and facial oil with others;
My #LuxBargainista products worked for them too.
Now here I am . . .

Luxury Bargainista LLC’s CEO & Relational Stylist, Darnella Moore, has loved fashion all of her life being born and raised in New York City – the premier fashion city in the world. She has been luxury bargain shopping personally for over three decades. As a result, God has blessed her with a beautiful high-end designer wardrobe with the ability to accessorize and create an elegant stylish appearance whenever she walks out the door. People began expressing their desire for her fashion bargain shopping with luxury styling services and LuxBargainista as born! Darnella now does for others what she does for herself — scoring high-end fashion at bottom dollar prices in addition to healing or caring for her client’s skin through Luxury Bargainista’s own natural/essential oil-based skincare product line featuring fine custom perfumes, bath salts, body/facial scrubs and so much more!

Retain LuxBargainista Darnella to hunt down high-end designer apparel for you at bargain pricing.

Retain LuxBargainista Darnella to custom-design an all-natural essential-oil-based skincare regime just for your unique skin/body care. Product pricing/sizing varies.